When I investigated crimes against children, I had the opportunity to work with many amazing people at the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). This agency does so much for children, yet receives so little from the Federal Government in funds. Due to the lack of funding the CAC relies heavily on donations to support the programs they are running and the programs they want to establish. April is Child Abuse Prevention month, a time for communities to come together to build caring connections, supportive environments and positive experiences for all children. In 1989 the color blue was declared the Child Abuse Awareness ribbon color so starting now through the month of April, There’s No Quit! Will be selling blue hand wraps for $10 with all of the proceeds going to the CAC. Along with your purchase of wraps you will receive a $5 credit toward the purchase of any other gear or apparel. Please help us support this amazing agency and their cause to help the children of the Gulf Coast. https://www.gulfcoastcac.org/

Hand Wraps for C.A.C.